Greetings to all!
We are the "Volunteer Clowns” association.
Our mission is to provide emotional and psychological support, helping all people affected by the pandemic through art therapy and clownery.

"Not all of us can do great thingsBut we can do small things with great love." 

Mother Teresa

My name is Linda Sceglova and I am the founder of "Volunteer Clowns". I have always had this feeling that I want and can help others going through difficult times. Every person I have helped, our meetings fill my life with a sense of purpose and give me the joy of personal fulfillment, the feeling I cannot imagine my existence without.

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Our goals:

Stabilizing and improving the emotional state of society

Preventing the general sadness and depression in society

Creating and increasing positive public thought


We invite you to join "Volunteer Clowns"!

We invite you to join our team and we will train you in clone therapy.

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We are visiting the palliative care department in "Biķernieki"!

Daily reminds of how short life is. This primarily refers to work in palliative care, when every day we meet with reminders of the brevity and fragility of being.

But what really should surprise is that work in palliative care is constantly accompanied by humor. Yes. Yes! Most often, the patients themselves joke..

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We will accompany believers with disabilities to services.

We, volunteer clowns, are here to help those who are going through tough times in their life and needs support.

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Child holding red rubber heart Free Photo


You can help us to do good deeds!

"Volunteer Clowns" is a non-profit public association, and there are certain costs resulting from our activities in hospitals and other institutions. We will be grateful for your support to our dear volunteer clowns so that we can help as many people in need as possible.

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