Bible Therapy

The healing power of Bible therapy will help anyone who needs emotional support to recover from mental and physical injuries and traumas, overcome crisis, treat the burnout syndrome, relieve stress and tension, experience positive emotions and feelings, and simply give in to joy!

Among the various methods of psychotherapy, there is a seemingly simple but a very effective one called bibliotherapy. It uses reading for its therapeutic effect, and reading material is specially chosen, taking into account patients’ personality traits and the nature of their illnesses. 

Reading distracts, carries away, changes thoughts, removes unpleasant experiences from the active mind to the realm of unconsciousness.

Identifying with a hero, readers seem to supplement the qualities they lack, feeling sympathy to the weak, they feel stronger and, acknowledging difficulties of others, more easily endure difficulties themselves. Requiring knowledge, high culture and intuition, a bibliotherapist is a rare profession.

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We will accompany believers with disabilities to services.

Due to the social nature of a human, everyone's personal wellbeing is definitely related to the common good. Common good cannot be defined if it is not related to an individual. Do not live in solitude, delving into yourself as if you were doomed, but gather together to seek what is good for all.

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