We are visiting the palliative care department in "Biķernieki"!

Daily reminds of how short life is. This primarily refers to work in palliative care, when every day we meet with reminders of the brevity and fragility of being.

But what really should surprise is that work in palliative care is constantly accompanied by humor. Yes Yes! Most often, the patients themselves joke.

What helps us to love the work we do? We look at the problem on the other hand, show patients and their families what to focus on at the end of their lives: achieve effective pain relief and go out with their families, go to football for the last time, read a book, get married, pick up a comfortable wheelchair and go to a concert , speak with a relative who has not spoken to for the past 17 years. The relief that patients and their families feel at the same time helps us, doctors, love our work

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