Training for clown therapy

We invite you to join "Volunteer Clowns"!

The main task of every person's life is to learn to give and accept love. The only scale that can measure a person's life is how much love is there. And by love, we do not mean emotions or relationships that bring well-being. Love is the work of the soul. It is a readiness to change, develop and expand one's personality for the benefit of another person. The biggest challenge in our lives is other people. Not houses, cars or travel. Relationships with other people and with God are the greatest task of life.

Who can apply for volunteers?

- Anyone who has a genuine desire to help others.

What will I learn?

- A little insight into art therapy as well as the ability to make people smile.

How do I apply?

 - Click on the "Apply for training" button, fill in the contact form and we will arrange a specific time for training.

Apply for training

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