About us

Linda Sceglova (Founder of the "Volunteer Clowns" association)

In 1990, when I came to study massage at the Department of Physical Therapy of Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, little did I know that for me massage would become more than a simple hobby, even more than a trade. It have become something bigger - my vocation. 

"Your skillful hands will serve you well!" Such a farewell I got from my first massage instructor, the ace of manual therapy Dr. Vladimir Manukhin. He used to repeat that massage is an art which is better done with God's blessing.

"The art of massage is your gift," said my first spiritual teacher Jānis Aglonietis. At that time, in 1993, I was studying at the Institute of Theology, seriously considering the vocation of a religion teacher. "Your way to help people is through massage. Say “yes” to life!"

I am glad that my teachers did not make a mistake. I am glad that in addition to integrity, professionalism, self-restraint and compassion - the qualities required of any self-respecting masseuse - I have received the God's gifts of a strong biofield and extremely sensitive hands that help me go deeper with my clients.

Every body, like every personality, is unique. Therefore, every massage - both prophylactic and therapeutic - must be customized, i.e. all the individual characteristics of the patient has to be taken into account.

Wherever I’ve worked for my 27 professional years - in Latvian beauty salons, Cyprian Spa resorts or Indian Ayurvedic Hospital - each of the hundreds of clients and patients who have gone through my hands remains UNIQUE to me, and our meetings have filled my life with a sense of purpose and given me the joy of personal fulfillment.

Gintaras Vitkus SJ  (Priest, Project curator)

His first education (1976-1982) Father Gintaras received at the Faculty of Therapy of the Kaunas Medical Institute, where he obtained a Master's degree. After graduating, he joined the Fellowship of Jesus (Societas Jesu), but between 1982 and 1987 he still worked as a junior researcher at the Pulmonology Laboratory of the Medical Institute, and as a doctor at Kaunas Red Cross Hospital. 

Father Gintaras received his theological education at the Kaunas Faculty of Theology and the Kaunas Inter-Diocesan / Priest Seminary (1987-1992), obtaining a Bachelor's degree in theology. 

In 1991 he was ordained a Jesuit priest. His further studies moved him to Fordham University in the USA, where he obtained a Master's degree in pedagogy (1992-1993). After returning to Lithuania, he became the director of Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium and worked there for sixteen years (1993-2009). 

For twelve years he was the president of the Lithuanian National Association of Catholic Schools (1993-2009) and for ten years he chaired the National Education Forum (2005-2015). 

Between 2009 and 2017, he served as the Jesuit Provincial of Lithuania and Latvia, but since 2018, Father Gintaras has been working in Latvia as a dean of the Roman Catholic congregation Ave Maria in Marupe.